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How to Find Your Passion & Purpose!

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

You would think this would be easy right? but droves of people across the globe are becoming increasingly unsatisfied with their current career choices. As a matter of fact, according to this article by the Washington Post, only 27% of Collage Grads have a job related to their Major!

I was one of the 27%. So why is it so hard to discover our true talents when we are seemingly following things we are passionate for? The truth is there are many reasons, Money, Peer Pressure, Lack of Assurance we can truly achieve our larger and more challenging dreams and lastly, not understanding our true talents and abilities!

You are stronger than you think!

I was absolutely terrified when I quit my job in Law Enforcement and went off to Truck Driving School. It was a pass or fail, "What if I don't make it I thought to myself?" To make it worse my friends back home didn't think I could do it and told me I was making a huge mistake and would fail miserably. I Pressed on a Passed top of my class! Today I am paying off my own semi truck, set my own hours and lead a quickly growing following of over 36,000 people on my Trucking Channel on YouTube American Truckers. That is just 1 platform, I have over 7,000 Followers on Facebook and a combined 2,000 on Instagram, my Newest YouTube Channel Brittney Richardson has over 1,000 Subscribers and growing!

Finding Your Purpose:

The reason for my success is not luck, it has been a lot of hard work and most importantly finding where my Passion Met my Talents. See when our Passions Meet our Talents, there we will find our Purpose!

Not everything we are passionate about meets our talents perfectly, it's like finding that perfect dress or the right seamstress. Sometimes we have to try some things on to decide whether we need some alterations or if we need a different piece altogether!

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan will go down in history as one of the Most Successful Basketball players of all time but in reality he said "Baseball was my first love" according to This Article by The Undefeated. Michael had to try but ultimately quit baseball after having an only marginal performance. For starters, Standing 6 foot 6 his strike zone was simply way too big, yet in basketball his hight was a perfect fit. Michael had to find where his passion and talent met.

How Do We Find Where Our Passion & Talent Meet?

Stranger Bias

First we need some unbiased feedback. We aren't always talented in the areas we think we are, just look at this episode of American Idol.

First Ask Yourself "What have strangers routinely complemented me on?" Maybe you have a great smile? The reason I say strangers is because how many times have parents or close friends told those going on American Idol that they have the most wonderful voice, and yet in reality they have zero vocal talent? You will always get the most honest feedback from strangers.

What are strangers complementing you on?

Maybe it's that you are Funny? Maybe strangers say that you are Smart and have a simple way to explain things, Maybe they say you are Entertaining or good with Numbers. Write these things down!

What Have You Been Doing the Last 10 Years?

In other words what skillset are you familiar with that may help you along the way? Write these areas of talent down as well as which roles you enjoyed the most.

What Are You Passionate About?

One easy way to figure this out is ask yourself, what can I talk about with my friends effortlessly on the weekend? What you can go on and on talking about without putting thought into it gives you a huge clue into what you are most passionate about!

If You Could Do Anything & Money Wasn't an Issue What Would You Do?

Often times we get distracted and offset from our purpose because we are worried about money. It is my opinion that this has a lot to do with bad decisions for a College Major.

Find Where All of These Things Intersect

Take everything you wrote down and find a common thread between them, you may be surprised what you come up with! For example: Maybe you have experience working with people and doing a lot of PR over the last 10 years, people have complimented you over and over for your smile and said you are very entertaining. In Addition to this you have always enjoyed being on camera or speaking at a company meeting but you really like to pave your own course in life... Being a YouTube / Instagram Influencer might be right up your alley!

The sky really is the limit with this but using these techniques can help you get onto the right course, one that will bring health, wealth, love and happiness to it's fullest in your life!

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