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Brittney Richardson

My name is Brittney Richardson, I am a 11 year veteran truck driver. I’m also a YouTube Video Artist where I share my life and struggles as a Female Truck driver in America. 

  • I drive a bright Pink Semi Truck with a Teddy Bear and little Pink Bunny on the Dash.

Prior to transportation I was a Police Officer and Local Firefighter. In 2011 I was attacked and injured in the line of duty while backing up 2 other officers who were struggling with a subject. 
While in the Hospital, the same room where I had preformed CPR on a guy just weeks prior, I seriously questioned the career I loved so much. To make matters worse the Judge let my attacker go without charges. I seriously questioned if my sacrifice was worth it anymore. It was at this point the thought of 3 times the income and not being shot at everyday sounded appealing.

In 2012 I went to Truck School, graduated top of my class, and began my driving career. Today I have a large Social Media/YouTube following where I am passionate about inspiring others.

I have been featured on 20/20, Good Morning America, ABC News, Fox News, NBC and numerous local TV & Radio Stations across the United States. 

I also have multiple FEMA Certifications as well as a Ham Radio License for my previous work in emergency services.

I have 2 YouTube Channels Brittney Richardson (My Vlog Channel) and BRE Podcast (My Video Podcast Channel)

 I am most passionate about inspiring others to think differently and see new realities they never thought possible for their lives! 

I am also now on OnlyFans!

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